Hello Friends!

      Welcome to The Library Hop, a place dedicated to the histories, resources and communities that surround the Public Libraries of Connecticut. 

Fun Fact: If you have a library card in Connecticut you can borrow items from ANY PUBLIC LIBRARY in the STATE!!!! 

That means you can borrow a DVD in Haddam and also take a class at Wallingford Public Library. It means that you can pick out a book from a library far away and then return everything to your local branch! How cool is that?


      Kate Branstetter, founder of The Library Hop, thinks that is cool and decided to develop a place to hang out, share stories and bring library friends together.

The Library Hop is here to foster solidarity in buildings old and new, welcoming all to places with sunny reading nooks or a spot to chat with a friend. We are here for the library love and glad you are here to join us.

Hang out. Stay a while.

"Let's Loiter and Learn Something"

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