Hop Picks for January 2018

Tropical Locations

Oh January.

After the glitter of the holidays, we say hello to the New Year and then (for a moment) life seems to slow down. The days are short and dark.  We scrape car windows, zip up our coats and hold our breath til Spring.

 I, for one, am counting the days before"the thaw". I cannot wait to bask in the warm sun but until then, I have to keep myself distracted. What better way then with a good book from the library? Better yet, how about losing yourself in a book that takes place in a tropical paradise?

This January, The Library Hop has put together a list of books full of the sunshine and humidity that we, here in icy New England, can only dream about.


The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason is a fascinating tale full of beautiful descriptions of Burma in 1886. The details of this novel will engage all the senses. You can almost feel the tropical breezes.

Similarly, Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter will have you packing your bags (okay, maybe just in your imagination) for a glorious trip to Italy. Walter's novel is full of unforgettable characters and has fun descriptions of movie making and the life of movie stars in the 1960s.  

galap perfect.JPG

Island, A Story of The Galapagos will engage children and adults. Jason Chin's illustrations are full of consuming color that will have you turning the pages again and again.


The Poisonwood Bible is fascinating. The novel takes place in 1959 wherein a missionary family travels from the U.S. to the Cong. Barbara Kingsolver writes about a harrowing time in the Congo's history and there is much to learn. This book is fat and lovely and it is so easy to get lost in the soil, wind and sun detailed in the pages.

Another hearty read is Ann Patchett's State of Wonder which takes place in the Amazon rain forest. This book has the rain, the insects, the forest's vast ecosystem, and a mystery to solve! What's not to love? 

Of course, these books are only a few suggestions. Your local librarian would be more than happy to help you find the perfect book or DVD. Go on! Get lost and forget about the chilly weather. 

What book will you be reading this weekend?

Thanks for stopping by. 


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