Book Sale Magic

Hello Friends!

Did you know that I love books? I can’t help it. I love borrowing books, I love talking about books and I love buying books. I especially love buying books when the proceeds support a library.

Many libraries have a designated nook where they sell donated or “deselected” books (deselected means they were pulled from the library’s collection). Recently, my partner in all things library- Brainerd Memorial Library- had an enormous book sale and I was so lucky to get a sneak peek at all that it takes to put together a SUPER library book sale.

Here is the recipe for a successful library book sale:


ONE Organized Director

Planning a book sale can take months. A good director brings people together and makes some tough decisions. They are supportive of staff, supply refreshments and foresee all the bumps in the book sale road. A director smiles and makes you laugh even when a volunteer (me) throws half a box of vintage encyclopedias away (whoops!)


PLENTY of Library Friends

Carrying and sorting books is exhausting and every book sale needs a group of cheerful people that aren’t afraid of a little dust, a little sweat and a whole lot of questions about where books should be shelved.

book sale sign.png

GOBS of Donated Books

A successful book sale must have a solid community of people that love to read and love to support their library. It is only through donations that a book sale can really shine.

I am so happy that I participated in this process. I met some awesome library friends who love their library as much as I do! We traded recommendations, shared high fives and had fun! We raised some money and had the opportunity to support the community.


Friends, if your library ever has a book sale I suggest you volunteer. You will be surprised by how rewarding the experience is and how many books you’ll want to take home.

It was a lot of work but it was so worth it. HUGE high five to Brainerd Memorial Library!

Thanks for checking in.